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Group Chair

Amanda Kinningley

Amanda Kenningley, University of Huddersfield
Email: A.L.Kenningley@hud.ac.uk
Phone: 01484 472994

Amanda has been Deputy Head of Schools & Colleges Liaison at the University of Huddersfield for just over a year. Prior to this she was a Schools & Colleges Liaison Officer at Huddersfield for over 10 years. She was Vice Chair (Training) between 2016-18.

As chair, Amanda is responsible for representing the region at the HELOA UK Committee meetings and supporting the regional Vice Chairs.

Group Vice-Chair, Training

Amy Wilson, University of Leeds

Amy has worked as an Education Outreach Lead Officer at the University of Leeds for over 5 years, with responsibility for schools and colleges in East of England and East Midlands. Prior to this, she has worked at the University of York and the University of Edinburgh. She was Vice Chair (Administration) for the group between 2009-2013.

As the Vice-Chair for Training, Amy is responsible for arranging training and development sessions for the group.

Group Vice-Chair, Training

Kate Filimon, University of Huddersfield
Email: k.filimon@hud.ac.uk
Kate has worked at the University of Huddersfield since 2016 and has recently taken on the role of Schools and Colleges Liaison Officer responsible for the North West region. This involves building and managing relationships with schools and colleges across the region as well as delivering a range of activities. As Group Vice-Chair, Training, Kate will help to identify and develop training and professional development opportunities for the group.

Group Vice-Chair, Membership and Communication

Jennifer Barton

Jennifer Barton, Durham University
Email: jennifer.barton@durham.ac.uk
Phone: 0191 334 9195

Jen has worked in the education sector since 2000 and is currently a Student Recruitment Manager at Durham University, where he has worked for almost 15 years. During her time at Durham Jen has worked in a variety of roles spanning both Widening Participation and Student Recruitment. Jen’s currently role involves managing postgraduate recruitment and teacher engagement at Durham.

As Vice Chair Membership and Communication Jen is responsible for organising and administering group meetings, recording the minutes and managing elections for group committee vacancies.