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Recent Winners

2016 Finalists

The 2016 winners were University of Derby for their ‘Ram Jam’ project.

The three shortlisted finalists selected for their innovation and success in delivering their projects aims, were:

University of Derby: Ram Jam

An innovative and cost effective campaign which has resulted in the development of a series of giveaway items. The project emerged from direct engagement with our partner schools and colleges. Our Ram badges are fun collectable items which provide the University of Derby with the scope to develop our engagement with prospective students in a variety of ways. The Ram badge has gradually acquired more significance than a typical giveaway item. We hope to continue developing it as we move into the future, through the Ram Jam card game and social media channels.

Sheffield Hallam University: Community Engagement

Sheffield Hallam University have created innovative and exciting community based opportunities for young people and their parents/carers to experience university outside of school capacities. Activities are designed by the experts, to inspire and engage. Data capture and robust evaluation mean the project creates an opportunity to build a lasting relationship with the University.

KCL STEM Summer School

The STEM Teacher Summer School is a collaborative four day residential summer school for teachers from across the UK and took place in August 2015. Delivered by King’s College London (KCL), Imperial College London (ICL) and the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) the STEM focused summer school gave teachers the opportunity to visit each institution for a day, receive advice and guidance on accessing highly competitive universities & courses and also gave teachers an insight into the Sutton Trust student summer school experience.

2015 Finalists
Newcastle University: Teachers’ Toolkit

An innovative approach to engaging with schools and colleges, Teachers’ Toolkit provides teachers and advisers with a ‘one stop shop’ to Newcastle University’s events, resources and activities. Enabling them to view everything we offer to support schools and colleges in one place.

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Loughborough University: #IAMIN

#IAMIN was a ground-breaking social media campaign that formed the basis of Loughborough University’s highly effective, low budget Clearing activity. Using an engaging selfie style concept to generate buzz, interaction, and engagement, #IAMIN boosted traffic to both the website and the call centre at a critical recruitment time whilst raising the University’s profile amongst potential students nationally and internationally. Video, personalisation and a joined-up approach with the Students’ Union saw stretch targets achieved, internal buy-in soar and piloted an approach that has already been extended to support Freshers’ whilst creating a bank of new material for next year’s cycle.

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UCL: Discover UCL Summer School for D/deaf and Hard of Hearing Students

The Discover UCL Summer School is a residential summer school exclusively for D/deaf and hard of hearing students in year 11 and 12. Piloted in 2014, research suggests that it is the first of its kind to be run by a university. Twenty participants had the opportunity to meet other D/deaf students with similar aspirations to them, learn about specific support available at university, meet current deaf undergraduate students, and experience a taster of university. Deaf students are severely underrepresented in higher education and, as a result, the programme aims to raise aspirations and make university accessible to this demographic.

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2014 Finalists

The 2014 winners were University of Worcester for their ‘It’s Up To You’ interactive production.

The three shortlisted finalists selected for their innovation and success in delivering their projects aims, were:

University of Nottingham – Vines, videos and vkontakte

Student collaboration in marketing & communications 

The collaboration involves commissioning students to create various kinds of content, manage campaigns and engage with prospective students on behalf of the University. This makes our marketing and communications activity more authentic and engaging and also gives the students valuable work experience, increasing their employability.   The collaboration with students spans a number of areas including video production, with a new Student Video Team producing video content to promote the University of Nottingham student experience. We also hired a team of students to help with our Freshers communications. These students were all going into their second year and were tasked with blogging, managing social media accounts and creating vines (short 6 second videos) with content aimed at new students starting in Oct 2013.   Other initiatives include hiring a student Twitter Team to manage various departmental Twitter accounts during the University’s Open Days and getting international students to manage Russian and Chinese social media accounts, and also appear in videos and write blog posts all in their own languages as well as English.

Contact: Tom Wright

University of Worcester- It’s up to you

It’s Up to You is an interactive production for Year 8 & 9 students to focus on the issues surrounding GCSE options and the different influences that affect individuals making those choices e.g. friendships, relationships and family matters. Performed by a cast of 5 current University of Worcester students the production toured in June 2013, with a total audience of 1260 year 8 and 9 students.  After the performance the cast hold a workshop with students using the interactive voting system to explore what has been absorbed during the performance. The cast then facilitate group discussions enabling students to relate the situations within the performance to their own experiences.

University of Portsmouth – UP for it Juniors Website

The University of Portsmouth’s UP for It Juniors scheme delivers interactive sessions to over 3000 children in local Primary Schools across Portsmouth and South East Hampshire, but our innovative website http://www.upforitjuniors.co.uk reaches an even larger number of children across the UK, to raise aspirations and breakdown some of the stereotypes and concerns they may have about going into Higher Education.   It is designed in 2 distinct sections, one for children and one for teachers.  Virtual students, who each have their own individual character and profile, guide children through the website to learn all about the fun and exciting things they could experience and learn at university.

The UP for It Juniors scheme began back in 2005 and the full website followed in 2008. It has gone through several processes of development to become what it is today, and it now fully supports the scheme we offer out to our local schools, as well as reaching a far wider national and even international audience.