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The HELOA team is working hard to provide regular updates and advice to its members on the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak. Due to the regularity of updates available, this information is being shared via the official HELOA Facebook page.


HELOA activities are managed by the:

HELOA activities are carried out at UK and local level.

At UK level, HELOA is managed by a UK Committee of members who contribute to the work of the Association on a voluntary basis. The UK Committee consists of elected and appointed officers and meets four times per year.

Development of the work of the Association is led by a UK Executive Group, consisting of the Chair and six Vice-Chairs, which meets five times per year. The development and delivery of training for HELOA members is managed by a Training Organiser employed by the Association.

The work of the Association is supported by an administrative officer employed by HELOA and based in the HELOA Office at Edge Hill University.

Locally, HELOA operates through a network of nine HELOA groups covering the whole of the UK. It is these groups who communicate, plan, manage and deliver activities and services at a local level. Each HELOA group has a Chair (supported by other group officer posts as relevant) and meets at least three times a year.

All HELOA members are entitled to attend HELOA group meetings in their areas. Meetings often have a training theme to support members. Members and institutions also collaborate with regard to delivery of shared activity. Contact details for HELOA Group Chairs can be found via the committee subpages for each of the HELOA Groups.

HELOA Office

Contact details

E-mail: office@heloa.ac.uk
Telephone: 01695 654 392
Tweet: @HELOA_UK

HELOA membership

Membership of HELOA requires you to complete the relevant forms to the HELOA Office. For Change of Primary Contact, Individual Membership and Institutional Membership forms can be filled out below. If you have any questions about the forms please contact office@heloa.ac.uk.

HELOA Individual Membership Form

HELOA Change of Primary Contact Form

HELOA Institutional Membership Form