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Voting at the AGM

The HELOA 2024 Annual General Meeting is a virtual meeting being held on Wednesday 24th January 2024, 10:00 – 12:00 via Zoom .

The 2024 AGM will be a virtual meeting, the voting process will be via Mi-Voice, an online voting platform. Primary contacts and nominated proxies should receive an email from Mi-Voice on Tuesday 23rd January 2024 with voting details and a single-use link to join the voting site which can be accessed through a browser. 

Once you receive your Mi-Voice login details on Tuesday 23rd January, please login to the site and participate in the ‘Test Vote’ to help identify any issues ahead of AGM. 

If you do not receive the email or require any assistance with the online voting site, please contact Mi-Voice at support@mi-voice.com or +44 (0) 2380 763 987.

Primary Contact/ Proxy Role

Institutional full members are entitled to vote on motions at AGM which is the role of the institutional Primary Contact. If the Primary Contact is unable to attend the AGM, then they may appoint another institutional HELOA member as a proxy to exercise all, or any, of that Primary Contact’s rights to attend, speak and vote. Each Primary Contact or proxy may only hold one vote. It is the role of the Primary Contact or nominated proxy to canvas the views of their institutional HELOA members and vote accordingly during the AGM. 

Voting Online

Both the Mi-Voice email and voting site contain instructions for voting. Please read these details carefully. Voting on each motion will open and close during the AGM when instructed by the Chair of the Meeting. If the Chair instructs you that the voting is open for an item and it does not automatically show available, please click the blue ‘Refresh’ button at the bottom of the page. 

Once you have logged into Mi-Voice for the meeting, please select ‘Register Your Attendance’. For each motion, choose to vote for, against or abstain. 

Decisions at AGM 

Any decision other than one falling within clause 10.4 (Decisions that must be taken in a particular way) shall be taken by a simple majority of votes cast at the meeting. In the event of an equality of votes, the Chair shall either:

1. call for another vote or;
2. exercise his or her second or casting vote.

Decisions that must be taken in a particular way including, any decision to amend the constitution, must be passed at the AGM by a 75% majority of votes cast. 

Mi-Voice Data Sharing 

To use the Mi-Voice service, we must share your name and email address with Mi-Voice. To ensure this is conducted securely, we have entered a data sharing agreement with Mi-Voice. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact the HELOA office.

AGM Reports & Documents 

The AGM reports and documents can be accessed via the AGM pages of the HELOA website.