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HELOA Scotland launches new partnership with Skills Development Scotland

HELOA Scotland are delighted to announce the signing of a partnership agreement with Skills Development Scotland (SDS). Both HELOA and SDS aim to provide high quality Information, Advice and Guidance to support individuals to make informed decisions on their higher education options. As part of this Memorandum of Understanding HELOA and SDS will have regular contact, meeting quarterly to discuss issues in HE particularly relevant to our members. Sharing best practice will be at the heart of the new partnership and SDS and HELOA will both have opportunities to provide updates to each others’ members. This agreement helps grow the already close working relationship that exists and will enhance IAG support for prospective students across Scotland. It is an exciting step forward in close partnership working for the Scotland Group as the first partnership agreement signed by the committee. To find out more about the partnership agreement, please reach out to Vice Chair Partnerships at HELOA Scotland.

Scotland Group meting

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