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Well another summer full of headlines for education, who would have guessed? We’ve had talk of grade inflation, returning exams, gliding back and within it all, a number of really positive stories from students heading off to their university choices in a matter of weeks.

As a fresh academic year begins and many will be looking forward to a return to normality, one thing that is set to change is HELOA’s communications. You’ll notice, for example, that you’re reading this on the HELOA Blog, and not in the HELOA Digest. We’ve analysed over the last twelve months what it is you want to see and what you find the most engaging in our communications, and we want to make sure that you’re getting what you want from your membership.

That’s why you’ll notice that today you’ve received the first HELOA Bulletin. Many of the things we know you find interesting, such as job posts and news articles, will still be here. But we’ll look to bring you stories and voices from within HELOA and beyond in a new format, making use of Blog we have on our website.

There are probably times that you’ve read some fascinating insight from one of our colleagues across the sector in one of our emails, but then been unable to find it again when you need it. Or there may have been a project that stood out to you and now you’re looking for inspiration. Going forward, you’ll be able to revisit these blogs whenever you need and want to, to keep the conversations around HE going.

Our emails are going to be shorter, sharper and share more with you so that you can go and explore things in more detail and we’ll be looking to host out content over a range of different channels. We’ll also be looking closely at the upcoming member survey to make sure we’re communicating with you in ways that work for you.

Ultimately, though, we want to make sure that you’re getting what you need from your HELOA membership, so do let us know via our contact form if there’s anything you’d like to see.

So you may notice some changes over the coming months. Email templates may look slightly different, days of the week might change and you will get to visit some new web pages. We hope you enjoy your new content from the teams at HELOA and do send us through any of your thoughts or feedback as well.

All the best for a more “normal” academic year … or too soon to tell?


Andy Cotterill

UK Vice-Chair (Communications)


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