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HELOA works in partnership with a variety of organisations throughout the HE sector. A partnership recognises a more developed relationship between HELOA as an Association and an Organisation and seeks to formalise this working relationship in a written partnership agreement.

Our partnerships support the aims of the HELOA strategic plan to deliver a tangible membership benefit such as a mutually-beneficial training sessions, shared practice or knowledge, a membership discount or to further support the work of our membership within their HE institution.

HELOA works in partnership with:

Student Loans Company

HELOA has a long standing relationship working closely with the Student Loans Company (SLC) to support work in helping students to understand funding options in England, Wales, and Scotland. The SLC recognise the importance of our members’ work and expertise in engaging with students to support development of materials and communication strategies.

Our working relationship and partnership with the SLC was formalised through a Memorandum of Understanding, signed in April 2018 and outlines the Organisations’ shared objectives of providing student finance information to students, potential students, parents/sponsors and other stakeholders as appropriate.


HELOA also works, at a local level, with student finance companies in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.


UCAS recognises the high level of expertise and wide experience HELOA members possess regarding the dissemination of information for potential students and their influencers. HELOA members are frequently consulted by UCAS and are members of a range of review and decision making groups. HELOA and UCAS meet regularly to explore and develop a range of IAG issues.

HELOA and UCAS have developed a joint Working Group with representatives from each HELOA group and key stakeholders in the UCAS events team to further develop UCAS exhibitions and events as well as to address any matters relating to HELOA or UCAS feedback.