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HELOA Support during COVID-19

The HELOA team is working hard to provide regular updates and advice to its members on the the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak.

We have worked hard to come up with solutions to ensure that all members can benefit from these conversations and we can do what we do best, share information, collaborate and support each other.

Communication is Key 

To aid sector wide conversation we have set up a member wide Slack. More information on this can be found in the email sent to you on Tuesday 24 March 2020, along with joining instructions.

Each week we will also be sharing lots of information on the HELOA Facebook page.

Remote meetings and events

It will be no surprise that we have had to postpone all face to face meetings that we had planned for the coming months, this does not mean that we have cancelled all events or groups meetings.

As with our normal roles we are exploring the different options we have to run these events and meetings remotely.

It is vital that we keep conversations going, that we have the ability to meet collectively and that we share what we are doing and how we are doing it.

Where we can, we will continue to provide a range of activities, speakers and webinars to keep you informed of developments.

Working with our partners

We have been in close communication with our key partners in UCAS, the Student Loan Company and the Student Room.

They are understandably full of activity and have assured us that as and when decisions are made, we will be given information to share with all of our members.

Furthermore they want to engage with you so they can gauge what future plans are worth developing.

We’ll share these questions with you as we receive them, it is likely to be in the form of online questionnaires sent to primary contacts, and outcomes will be shared with you all.

Logistics companies

Whether you love Hayes, praise HE Fairs, think the brothers are Rad, or go your own way, there is one thing we can agree on, these logistics companies keep us stocked up and supplied where ever we are in the country.

They save our arms and backs and provide a service that would otherwise cost a fortune if you relied on some of the generic courier firms.

Many universities and HEIs will be thinking about their savings, being asked to account for what they are not spending and what they can return to the ‘non-delivery’ pot.

We would ask those involved with budgets to keep the logistics companies in mind during these conversations. They base their livelihoods on supporting HEIs, no events = no business.

Please consider what arrangements your HEI can set up to ensure we can rely on the services of these companies in years to come.

Mental health and wellbeing

If you have not read something about this in the last week then start now with this simple article: 5 ways to wellbeing when working from home