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Group Spotlight Award

In 2017 HELOA launched the Group Spotlight award to celebrate the fantastic work which takes places within our HELOA Groups.

The awards were back in 2019, we received three nominations which were excellent. In 2019 the group spotlight award was sponsored by UK University search.

Congratulations to the 2019 winner HELOA Scotland

HELOA Scotland have held a biennial conference since 2004. The 2018 event, which was held in Dundee in May, was the biggest yet with 50 attendees. The event is hosted by different institutions/cities on a rotating basis.

It gives HELOA Scotland members the chance to network with other colleagues and discuss new developments to the HE sector with particular emphasis on Scotland.

This cost-effective event captures an audience that perhaps would not be able to attend the HELOA AGM & Conference due to other work commitments or for financial reasons.

The Conference planning team aimed to incorporate topics that were relevant to all – whether in student recruitment or in widening participation and there was a choice of workshops for delegates to attend. Highlights included Nudge Theory delivered by Anne-Marie Canning of King’s College London, Events Management delivered by HELOA Scotland members, and Fulfilling your Career Aspirations in HE, which Kieron Broadhead of Goldsmiths University presented.

Thank you to our other nominations North West and Northern Ireland and Anglia.

Northwest and Northern Ireland group

Group Development: Inclusive Session Planning.

The NW&NI have always had good attendance at regional meetings. To improve engagement and the impact of our meetings and training day we looked to our members for support and ideas. Surveying members at the end of each meeting has meant timely feedback on what works well and also what quick wins we can make ahead of the next meeting. The key factor in 2018 has been offering split sessions. This has meant that newer or experienced members can attend a relevant session or WP and recruitment sessions can be offered.

The result so far is that more members from a wider remit are beginning to recognise what the regional meetings can offer and also suggesting more areas for the committee to explore.

Over our meetings and training day held in May, September and December we have offered 16 information session. 7 of these sessions were delivered by members of our own regional institutions showcasing regional expertise and minimising additional cost to the budget.


As a small group with a large geographical spread of member institutions, it can often take our members a couple of hours to travel to each HELOA meeting. We always make sure to include some sort of training alongside our meetings to make the journey seem worthwhile and this year we wanted to expand on this and deliver a more meaningful programme of training activity for members in our region. As well as diversifying our programme at meetings through the year, the committee have worked hard to deliver a 2 day regional conference which is due to take place in December. This will be the first regional conference (at least in recent years) for the group.

2017 group spotlight award

Congratulations to the 2017 winner, London Group

HELOA HE Awareness Day for Looked after Children and Care Leavers

Building on 3 years of collaboration and experience, on 26th October 2016 the HELOA London Group rallied behind National Care Leavers Week to deliver the third annual HELOA HE Awareness Day for Looked after Children and Care Leavers. This event brought together care-experienced young people aged 14-25, a range of adults in positions of supporting LAC and Care Leavers from all over the country, and nine HEIs across London.  Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and reinforced the impact this event has on encouraging the most underrepresented young people to consider and be empowered to apply for university.

Thank you to our other three nominations, the Midlands, Scotland, and South East & South West Groups

Midlands Group

Members Networking Day

The HELOA Midlands Networking Day is an event run for members by members. It is designed to provide all group members with an opportunity to expand their networks, share best practice and take a step back from their daily activities to discuss and reflect on key, topical sector issues. The programme consists of a keynote discussion session, an informal teambuilding quiz and a topical sector discussion, all designed to allow members to share best practice and discuss important HE issues, in an informal setting, to generate tangible ideas to take back to their own institutions.

Scotland Group

HELOA Scotland Bi-Annual Conference

The HELOA Scotland conference is held every two years and consistently provides excellent training and networking opportunities for HELOA Scotland members. The conference was put in place in recognition of the sometimes specialised training needs of HELOA Scotland members. In 2016 the event was held at St Andrews University and run by a committee of HELOA Scotland members from various Universities. The conference was a 2 day event comprising a range of sessions on a variety of topics including social media, presentation skills, consumer law, the Commission on Widening Access and postgraduate recruitment.

South East & South West

Groups Training Day

Working collaboratively is a key part of HELOA, in this vein the south east and south west regions annually join forces for a festive gathering filled with opportunities to learn, network and have fun!  Running for 4 years the event has become increasingly popular amongst members of both regions with places filling up quickly. Combining informative training sessions with opportunities to share good practice and festive team building activities and quizzes make it a great end to the year. This is an alternative approach to shared regional training and really promotes HELOA as a positive networking environment to support members and meet new people.

If you have any questions, please contact training@heloa.ac.uk