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Group Chair

Dylan-CozensDylan Cozens, UK Student Recruitment Manager, Coventry University
Email: dylan.cozens@coventry.ac.uk
Phone: 024 7765 2222 or 07557 425250

Dylan manages the Student Recruitment Team at Coventry University, having been in the role since 2017, and he has been a HELOA member for five years. Prior to his current role, Dylan has worked in different student recruitment roles from Graduate Recruitment Assistant to Senior Recruitment Officer so he has a real understanding of the HE sector and advising young people about their futures.

As Midlands Chair, Dylan is responsible for representing the Midlands region on the HELOA UK Committee.

Group Vice-Chair, Training and Partnerships (two posts)

Emma Clowes
Emma Clowes, Schools and Colleges Liaison Officer, University of Derby
Email: E.Clowes@derby.ac.uk

Emma works as a Schools and Colleges Liaison Officer at the University of Derby, writing and delivering recruitment strategies and working closely with schools and colleges across the country. In her role as Midlands Vice-Chair (Training and Partnerships), Emma helps plan and deliver sessions at various Midlands training events, in addition to developing partnerships with relevant organisations to ensure members are receiving the best training content possible.

Julian RobertsonJulian Robertson, Student Recruitment Officer, University of Leicester
Email: jabhr1@le.ac.uk

Julian currently works as a Student Recruitment Officer at University of Leicester. He has been a HELOA member since 2015. In his role as Midlands Vice-Chair (Training and Partnerships), Julian is responsible for planning and delivery of both the annual Midlands Training Day and the Networking and Development Day. Julian is keen to ensure the group provides training sessions aimed at both experienced and new practitioners, to ensure an active and engaged membership in the future.

Group Vice-Chair, Administration

Jonathan Niewiadomski, Student Recruitment Marketing Officer, Keele University
Email: j.niewiadomski@keele.ac.uk

Jonathan works as a Student Recruitment Marketing Officer at Keele University, acting as a Faculty link for Natural Sciences and working in school and college liaison. As Midlands Vice-Chair (Administration), Jonathan is responsible for organising and administering the group meetings and recording the minutes. In addition, Jonathan manages elections for group committee vacancies, as well as supporting the committee in their work.

Web and Marketing Officer

Rowan Triffitt
Rowan Triffitt, Lead Schools Liaison Coordinator, Nottingham Trent University
Email: rowan.triffitt@ntu.ac.uk

Rowan currently manages the Schools Liaison Team at Nottingham Trent University and has been a HELOA member since 2008.  Rowan is the HELOA Midlands Web and Marketing Officer.  The main duty he conducts is to design and distribute the annual Open Days poster, which can be seen in sixth forms and colleges across the UK.  Rowan also heads up the East Midlands UCAS committee which arranges where the East Midlands UCAS Exhibition will be held each year.