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Committee and Exec

UK Chair


Mike Nicholson
Director of Student Recruitment and Admissions
University of Bath
E-mail: m.nicholson@bath.ac.uk
01225 386 900

UK Vice-Chair (Group Development)


Amandip Bisel
WP Researcher
Imperial College London
E-mail: a.bisel16@imperial.ac.uk

UK Vice-Chair (Communications, External Relationships & Partnerships)


Rachel Lister
Head of Student Recruitment and Information
University of Cambridge
E-mail: rachel.lister@admin.cam.ac.uk

UK Vice-Chair (Training)

Emma Davies

Emma Davies
Education Liaison Officer
Edge Hill University
E-mail: daviesem@edgehill.ac.uk
01695 584 258

UK Vice-Chair (Finance)

Robbie Pickles 2016

Robbie Pickles
Head of Student Recruitment
University of Bath
E-mail: r.p.g.pickles@bath.ac.uk
01225 386829

UK Vice-Chair (Governance & Policy)


Lydia Dams
Outreach and Progression Coordinator
University of Wolverhampton
E-mail: lydia.dams@wlv.ac.uk

UK Vice-Chair (Administration)


Sarah Weir
Outreach Officer
University of Derby
E-mail: s.weir@derby.ac.uk

Conference Officer
(New Practitioners’ Conference)

Matthew Aitchison

Matthew Aitchison
School and College Liaison Officer
University of Cumbria
E-mail: matthew.aitchison@cumbria.ac.uk
01228 616 149

Conference Officer
(Venue Liaison and Marketing – National Conference)

Roshan Walkerley

Roshan Walkerley
Higher Education Adviser
University of East Anglia
E-mail: r.walkerley@uea.ac.uk
01603 591 959

Conference Officer
(Membership Liaison – National Conference)

Charlotte Brooks

Charlotte Brooks
Widening Participation Officer (Post-16)
University of Leicester
E-mail: cpb23@le.ac.uk
0116 373 6227

Conference Officer
(Experienced Practitioners’ Conference)


Eva Dring
Oxford and Cambridge Network Officer
University of Oxford
E-mail: eva.dring@admin.ox.ac.uk

Conference Officer
(Social and External Stakeholder Liaison – National Conference)

Colin McLean

Colin McLean
Student Recruitment Officer
University of Edinburgh
E-mail: Colin.mclean@ed.ac.uk
0131 651 3014

Marketing Officer (Marketing & Communications)


Sarah Reilly
Marketing and Recruitment Officer
Swansea University
E-mail: s.h.reilly@swansea.ac.uk
01792 606 240

Marketing Officer (External Relations & Partnerships)

Rebecca Joyce

Rebecca Joyce
Head of Student Recruitment and Outreach
Aston University
E-mail: r.joyce@aston.ac.uk
0121 204 4750

Web Officer


Al Blackshaw
Widening Access Support Coordinator
University of Strathclyde
E-mail: a.blackshaw@strath.ac.uk
0141 548 3127

Web Officer


Rebecca Dent
Undergraduate Marketing and Recruitment Officer
City University London
E-mail: rebecca.dent.1@city.ac.uk
020 7040 0069