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2017 Innovation and Best Practice Awards

HELOA is pleased to continue the ‘Innovation and Best Practice Awards’. We would like to recognise some of the excellent work that is taking place every day amongst our membership. Voting for a winner took place during the 2017 conference. If you have any questions, please contact training@heloa.ac.uk

Thank you to all of those who entered – we saw a number of really great initiatives and as always it is inspiring to see the breadth and quality of best practice which our members are involved in at their institutions.

Congratulations to the 2017 winner, Sheffield Hallam University!

Sheffield Hallam University: SHU Pre-16 Higher Education Roadshows

Zombies, video games, vlogging, gameshows and music all feature in fivebrand new interactive, engaging and entertaining Pre-16 Higher Education Roadshow sessions.

The roadshows raise aspirations and provide key information about Higher Education to younger pupils in schools, particularly the most disadvantaged schools and pupils in the Sheffield and South Yorkshire region.

Modern, fun and flexible to fit with varying session time lengths and group numbers to fit around school requirements.

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Congratulations also to our two other finalists, the University of Leicester and the University of Oxford

University of Leicester: London to Leicester partnership

The London to Leicester Partnership, comprising of 17 schools and colleges across Greater London, is an outstanding case study of how to build successful, meaningful partnerships with schools and colleges based outside a university’s local region to increase the recruitment of undergraduate students.

Partners exclusively receive a range of benefits including a £3,000 scholarship, a £500 travel grant and priority access to a range of talks, workshops and events run by the University in London.

The partnership, aimed at supporting students, staff and parents, commenced in September 2015 and has seen an increase of 114% in registrations in two years.

University of Oxford: Oxford University Inspirational Teachers Award

Oxford devotes a great deal of energy and effort to encouraging all those with the ability and potential to apply here, regardless of background. The award scheme recognises the crucial role teachers play in supporting and raising the aspirations of the most capable students year on year throughout their careers.

The Inspirational Teachers Awards are a way of recognising the importance of school or college teachers in encouraging bright students to realise their potential and make a successful application to Oxford, especially those who might not have initially believed they were Oxford material. We particularly want to recognise the achievements of teachers who champion students who might be the only ones in their year – or even their schools history – with the academic ability and drive to apply to Oxford.

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